Sinus Headache Symptoms – How To Tell If You Have Sinusitis Or Not

Sinus Headache Symptoms – How To Tell If You Have Sinusitis Or Not

Sinus Headache Symptoms

Sinus headaches can feel just like a simple infection in your sinuses (sinus infection). You might feel a pressure on the top of your head, cheeks and forehead as well as pressure over your eyes. But, more than likely, you might also feel the slightest sensation in your jaw. Also, some people who believe they have sinus headache symptoms, especially those who receive this diagnosis by their doctor, really have migraine headaches.

Many sinus headache symptoms may be mistaken for migraine symptoms. They include experiencing tightness of the chest and throat, difficulty breathing or even feeling as if your heart is pounding. Some patients even experience a dry, itchy feeling in the nose. These symptoms may be a sign of a sinus infection as well. This can happen if there is an allergic reaction that has caused the soreness in the nasal passages.

How To I Make Sure?

If you notice that these symptoms are becoming more frequent and more intense, then there is a strong possibility that you may have a more serious and severe headache. It is best to get medical help immediately. Sinus infections can be treated with antibiotics and decongestants.

If you have experienced sinus headache symptoms before, but you don’t know whether or not it was a sinus infection, consult your physician. A sinus infection is very different from a headache and usually, one is caused by an allergic reaction whereas the other is caused by bacteria, viruses or fungus. Although they can be confused, they are two completely separate things and should be treated differently.

The next time you experience sinus headache symptoms, don’t feel embarrassed. Sometimes, these signs can signal a more serious problem that can be easily treated with medication or by seeking medical attention. Remember that if you do have a sinus infection, you may not experience all of the symptoms listed above. In fact, you may experience some of them, but they are very mild.

Chronic Sinus Symptoms

If you do not have any sinus infection, you may be suffering from chronic sinus symptoms. Chronic sinus is the most common type and can cause a number of headaches and other symptoms that can make it difficult to function normally.

Should I visit Doctor If I have Chronic Symptoms?

If you have been experiencing chronic sinus headaches for a while, you may want to visit your doctor. Although there is no cure for chronic sinus infections, you may be able to treat it with an over the counter decongestant or an antibiotic. You may also be able to treat it yourself by using over the counter treatments such as nasal sprays and drops.

If you think you might be experiencing sinus headache symptoms, don’t hesitate to get a doctor’s opinion. Most of the time, the sinus headache symptoms will subside after a few weeks or sometimes sooner. However, if you continue to suffer from these symptoms, talk to your doctor to rule out any potential problems.

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